function point

is the leading all-in-one project management solution designed for ad agencies, design studios and internal marketing departments looking to streamline their business. 

What can Function Point do for you? We're glad you asked...

We designed Function Point for creative agencies, like yours. Our integrated workflow and productivity tools will make everyone at your creative agency more efficient and more effective. And happier. And more successful and better looking.

“Function Point is my all-in-one solution. It’s scalable, offers advanced Business Intelligence reports, and the streamlined project management tools allow me more time for strategic thinking.”

tools for owners

tools for owners

  • At-a-glance business intelligence dashboard
  • In-depth real-time financial reports
  • Full-service CRM for sales and business development
  • Time-saving project management 
  • Seamless accounting system integration
  • Cloud based business management

“My contacts and prospects were all over the place. With fp.’s reminders, alerts and notes, I spend less time managing the pipeline and more time converting prospects."

tools for new business

tools for new business

  • Full-service CRM
  • Caputure emails and notes
  • Follow-up task alerts
  • Easy sales reports

“With fp.’s real-time forecasting for staff and easy visibility of projects, jobs and resources, I’m just way more organized… In fact, I have a life, again!"

tools for traffic

tools for traffic managers

  • At-a-glance project management dashboard
  • Schedule & assign tasks with integrated timesheets
  • Automatic alerts, track due dates and changes
  • View and manage team or individual workloads

“Because fp. seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks®, I can quickly track expenses and create flexible invoices that allow for deposits, retainers, fixed costs and more."

tools for accounting

tools for accountants

  • Real-time financial reports
  • Easily create invoices & expenses
  • Seamless accounting integration
  • Flexible invoicing for deposits, retainers, fixed pricing
  • Branded invoices

“I need to spend my time making clients happy. With fp.’s client portal they can share files with me, approve estimates, and submit new work requests. And that makes everyone happy."

tools for client services

tools for client services

  • A-a-glance project and tasks Dashboard
  • Full-service CRM
  • Client portal for statuses, approvals and file sharing
  • Brand and customize briefs, estimates and invoices

“Function Point makes timesheets super simple and easy-to-use. Plus, with due date alerts built right into my calendar, I never miss a deadline. Who’s a superstar..?"

tools for creative

tools for creatives

  • At-a-glance project and tasks dashboard
  • Easy-to-use timesheets
  • Schedule tasks with timesheets
  • Calendar views with due date alerts
  • Collaborate in real-time with briefs and file sharing portal

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Keep client information neatly organized and updated. Make following up with the prospects in your pipeline easy and simple.




Our Dashboard puts a huge variety of on screen, real-time reports right at your fingertips.

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Expertly manage your projects, tasks and resources, as well as creative briefs, estimates and proposals – all in one place.




Track employee time, project expenses and vendor invoices.