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Function Point + Accounting Integration = LOVE

Seamless integration with your existing accounting software means everything. Plus, flexible invoicing, and easy-to-view, real-time financial reports make accounting fun and exciting! No, really!

Find out how we help your whole team:

accounting benefits

Real-time Financial Reports

Get the data that every department wants, in real-time. Pull reports on clients, budgets, jobs and team profitability from one place, and in no time.




Flexible Invoicing for Deposits, Retainers, Fixed Pricing

Time is money, they say. They also say that creating deposit, interim or batch invoices, when knowing both the estimated and actual job values, is also "money." ("They" also watched Swingers one too many times...)



Cloud based project management software solution

Seamless Accounting Integration 

50% of failed software deployments happen at switchover. With Function Point, you don't have to switch over. Our seamless integration with QuickBooks® eliminates redundancies and reduces the hassles with invoices, expenses and payment information. 

 QuickBooks integration


Branded Invoices

Don’t let your accounting software make you look bad. Our customizable accounting templates let you put your money where your mouth is. Literally.




Send Invoices Directly to Your Clients

Drop your invoice PDF into your client's email while dropping a copy into your CRM. Send and capture details of who the invoice went to all while saving considerable time doing it.



Find out how we help your whole team: