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Here at Function Point, we are constantly working with creative firms, advertising agencies and digital agencies to better define internal processes and workflow using our software. In doing this, we have come up with 6 personas that interact within the typical creative agency. Assisting these people work more efficiently and effectively together will help the agency become much more profitable.  

Accounting Bills Successful Creative Agency Persona

The 6 Personas:

  1. New Business
  2. Creative
  3. Client Services
  4. Traffic Manager
  5. Accountant
  6. Owners

Job Description 

The agency accountant or bookkeeper is responsible for maintaining General Ledger accounts, invoicing clients and preparing monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports. In addition to processing payments to vendors and comparing actual expenses to budgeted costs, the accountant is responsible for investigating and resolving any errors posted to the General Ledger, as well as reconciling accounts each month. The bottom line is that the accountant manages the agency’s money. Ranging from lower-level data entry to more advanced responsibilities such as financial analysis, the agency accountant is the backbone of the financial success of the company. The accountant’s main responsibility is to account for the financial assets and liabilities of the agency. This means that the accountant will keep track of what the agency is earning and spending.

A Typical Day

  • Create invoices and send to clients
  • Pull and analyze financial/status reports on work in progress
  • Present financial reports to management
  • Look after agency payroll
  • General ledger entries and other bookkeeping.

A Typical Interaction with fp.

  • fp. is used to look at the job, verify and create invoice(s)
  • fp. is used to enter and track expenses to jobs
  • fp.Accountant is used to transfer invoices and expenses to QuickBooks or a manual export is done to export to other accounting solutions
  • fp. reports are used to analyze job and client profitability as well as revenue and cash-flow forecasting
  • fp. timesheet and payroll reports are used to verify staff effort, efficiency and payroll hours.

A Perfect Day

  • Invoices are created and sent out to clients based on and fp.Accountant sends all the information through to QuickBooks without any issues. Also, reports pull up and show that the agency is profitable based on time and expenses, and payroll is met.

Top of Mind Issues

  • Getting invoices out on time and ensuring that all time and expenses are tracked properly
  • Management reporting and analysis
  • Getting paid by clients

Ensuring everything is up-to-date in QuickBooks or the agency’s accounting software.


This is entry #5 (of 6). If you have any comments or think we've missed something from your job description - let us know. We love working with our clients and prospects by helping with both the software requirements to make working together easier as well as developing effecient workflows - fp. is here to to help creatives run a profitable business!

Next up: Owner.

Are you an agency Accountant looking for help with workflow management or invoicing? Book a demo and see what Function Point can do for you.

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