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optimal-prime-crop.png   At Function Point, 'Prime' is the name we give to the people at your agency who know how to best use the system. Each month we’ll share new tips and tricks from our system to help you Transform your Function Point skills from average to amazing. Tune in each month to elevate your game, and if you miss any previous posts, check out #OptimalPrime on our Twitter: @functionpoint. You can also find all past posts on our blog.

Get the Most Out of Your Search

Having one central location for data means that all of your client and project information is always at your fingertips. The “...” Search Tip allows you to filter your data by date range on any Find page. With this handy tip in your back pocket, finding the specific information you need, the first time you search for it, is as easy as pie. Whether you need to find last month’s invoices or you want to see all of Tim’s timesheets for the quarter, this Search Tip helps you find exactly what you need.

Here's How:

  1. Click on any module with a “Find” page. For example: “Find Invoice.”
  2. In the “Creation Date” field, type in the date range for which you want to find Invoices.
  3. Click out of the field and then click “Find Invoices."


step 2 .png

Need to find something specific? Use the Search Tips legend on the left side of every Find page to see how you can apply these tips across different modules. Filter your search with these 12 other Search Tips to get the exact results you need every time you hit the search button.

Stay tuned for the next #OptimalPrime where we continue your transformation into a productivity pro with a new trick in fp.

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