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When I speak with agency owners around the globe, I always get the question: “How can I increase my agency’s visibility?” Agency owners and CEOs, especially in small and mid sized agencies, are looking for ways to increase their market share and get more visibility in the creative space. 

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Author: Deborah Budd

For any agency folks who have been in the business longer than ten years, sequential sign-off is a familiar concept. It refers to everyone involved in a project or campaign taking responsibility for their portion of the job, and affixing their signatures to their work, approving it as “done” before handing it on to the next person.


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A little over a year ago, I took a position with Sonar Studios, a creative and technology company out of Indianapolis, Indiana. My job was, and still consists of, a number of things, starting with the operations of the company, management of staff, identification and establishment of process(es), project management, sales and working with the CEO to redefine who we are and what we do–and do well.

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It's the first quarter of 2013. The agency business has been drifting over the past few years. Some of you have done very well... others not so well, but you're alive. 

Regardless of your political leanings or feelings about the recent election, my sense is that the economy is on its own course. The politicians can provide stimulus, but more often than not, the economic cycles play themselves out over time; up, then down, then up again. Just look at a historical timeline for proof.

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Guest Blog by Bryan Adams, CEO of Ph Creative, an inbound marketing agency based Liverpool, UK.

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