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We’ve all been there, after pouring your heart and soul into a project you supply your best work to your client and they ask you to make some changes. Some tweaks, some minor adjustments, revisions, whatever you want to call them, they happen right?!

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Content provided by Second Wind Online
Author: Deborah Budd

For any agency folks who have been in the business longer than ten years, sequential sign-off is a familiar concept. It refers to everyone involved in a project or campaign taking responsibility for their portion of the job, and affixing their signatures to their work, approving it as “done” before handing it on to the next person.


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Mistakes are costly for your agency. To give you perspective, if a mistake costs you 10,000 and your profit is around 5%, you will need more 200,000 in new accounts to cover that mistake.

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Limited risk, faster implementation and deployment, and greater utilization rates are some of the other benefits that one can expect from a Software as a Service solution. Today, I would like to continue reviewing the advantages of adopting the SaaS model for your advertising agency. If you missed Part 1 of this series, have no fear! You can catch up here.

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