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It does not matter what size agency you have, may it be a small creative agency or a very large one, both are able to attract big accounts. It may be a little harder for a smaller agency to land a big client, as this client maybe a little skeptical to go with a smaller agency.


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For any small/mid size agency to succeed and continue to grow, it is essential to create a productive environment within the office. A significant part of this process is staffing, ensuring that employees are efficient and supportive.

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Many small or mid-sized agencies are afraid to compete for new business with the giants of the advertising or design industry. Sure, these guys have the visibility and brand recognition, but don't forget to embrace the differences of a smaller agency and use these to your advantage.

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Even the smallest creative agency can benefit by adding a standardized workflow, pricing and time-tracking process to its everyday way of doing business. Not only will it enable the creative firm to save money by increasing resource efficiencies, it will help the entire team understand how the business is doing and increase creative staff focus on billable work.

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