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Vancouver, BC, Canada (PRWEB) Aug 21, 2013 

Function Point Productivity Software (functionpoint.com) has released an improvement to our SaaS based online productivity tool. Creative agencies that use fp. can now send emails directly to the system. We've also enhanced the functionality of our new calendar integration, and added a new "Job Financials" filter, plus more.


Function Point Productivity Software Inc. for Creative Agencies Releases New Email Integration, iCal Enhancement, Job Financials Filter & More.

Function Point is pleased to announce new enhancements to our SaaS productivity tool that elevate user experiences of our workflow software.

The following improvements to our tool were released on July 19, 2013, and were received very positively by our fp. users. For more information, please go to July 19, 2013 Release.

“Clients were very happy to finally be able to integrate their email directly with the fp. system, and we’ve received glowing reports of how they are loving it”.

– Tate Lillies, VP Operations, fp.

Collaboration: New Email Integration

Users can now send emails directly to the system, a company, a job and/or a contact, reducing the need for double entry and improving communication and workflow collaboration.

Scheduling: New ICal Calendar Integration Enhancement

Additional information has been added to tasks the external calendar, plus the ability to subscribe to an individual job calendar feed directly from the job details screen.

Financials and Reports: New Job Financials Filter

It is now possible to filter financial data (timesheets and expenses) on any job financials screen in the system to view specific date ranges on-screen.

Other Improvements

  • fp. users can now view contact status directly on the company details page without having to drill into the contact.
  • Resource allocation tasks will now order based on task due time and date rather than job. 
  • The fp. Client Portal will now allow all configured estimate printout options to show for clients.
  • Project estimate totals now show on the estimate list view PDF printout.
  • Two new external expense types were added to the system (Freelance and Partner).
  • A new system preference was added to the admin area (under task) to set a preference to aggregate hours or not when creating an estimate from a schedule.
  • New header rows have been added to most printouts and some new options into the custom printing system.
  • We have launched in-app messaging within fp. We will be using this to provide all users with information about new features and important information.

About Function Point

Function Point Productivity Software Inc. (Function Point) is a web-based software as a service (SaaS) company, and is located in Vancouver B.C. The company was founded in 1997 and is a worldwide leader in CRM, time tracking, invoicing, task, project and workflow management software for marketing companies, advertising agencies, design firms, and interactive web development companies with over 5000 active users worldwide.

Function Point is in business to help improve client profitability by providing a single, integrated solution for managing the day-to-day challenges of running a growing creative firm.  Our cloud-based all-in-one integrated solution, fp., is specifically designed for creative agency management.

Our software solution includes: customer relationship management (CRM), creative agency time and job tracking, project management, workflow management, estimating and invoicing, as well as optional integration to popular accounting packages such as QuickBooks and Simply Accounting.

With users around the world, including Canada, the United States, Brazil, Singapore, Dubai, the UK, Australia, South Africa, the Caribbean, and more, the Company is truly international and continues to perfect our business tool for increasing agency efficiency and profitability. Companies in all facets of the creative industries use Function Point, including ad agencies, digital agencies, web development companies, interior designers, architects and consultants to name a few.

The company prides itself on its best-in-class customer service, and backs everything with a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee.

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