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the learning centre

eBooks, whitepapers and templates, all designed to help you be more productive. Ready, set, go!


eBook: profitability made easy


Learn how to calculate true profitability in your creative agency, in a way that takes all factors into account.




  • Helpful information on estimating

  • Methods for determining rates

  • Best practices in creating retainer agreements

  • How to determine and implement KPIs to track and report profitability


Project Management Software Profitability




eBook: a buyer's guide to project management software


Find a project management solution that addresses all of your creative agency's needs instead of just a few.




  • Signs you need a project management solution
  • What a solution can do for your business
  • How to select a project management system
  • What Function Point has to offer your agency



Project Management Software Buyer's Guide



fp. fact sheet


Get up to speed on how our easy-to-use, all-in-one, cloud-based workflow software system can elevate your game to the next level. 


functionpoint fact sheet



fp. feature flatsheet


Learn about the different features in our all-in-one project management software that will help your creative agency take collaboration and team efficiency to a new level.




  • Streamline and fix broken workflow processes
  • Simplify collaboration between your team members
  • Centralize information on a cloud-based platform
  • Deliver real-time business data anytime, anywhere


function point feature flatsheet orange




eBook: how to accurately manage your time and resources

Learn how to become more efficient and ensure profitability for your agency by accurately managing time and resources.


  • How to allocate resources more accurately.
  • Learn the top three reasons for tracking creative time and how to get staff to buy-in.
  • How to manage your own time more effectively.

functionpoint ebook



eBook: are you ready for an agency management solution?

This eBook offers a readiness test and several key factors to consider when assessing agency performance that can assist you in determining if your firm needs a software-based management solution.


  • Whether or not you need an agency management solution
  • What to consider when looking for a software solution
  • How to adopt and get internal uptake on your chosen system
  • How to prepare for rolling out your system


We also include a thorough review of how such a system can be adopted and rolled-out successfully to staff, as well as highlights of how a system like Function Point can help in this process.

eBook: Workflow Management System

eBook: using project management software

We’ll show you, with the help of a workflow and productivity management system, how every employee can contribute to achieving greater success for your agency and themselves.

  • How to increase productivity in your agency.
  • How to make each department as efficient as possible.
  • How to know if people are working on what is truly important, and if they’re really doing what they’re good at.
  • Setting priorities within your agency for right now.
  • How workflow and productivity management helps each individual and department complete activities and achieve goals.

project management software



creative briefs

Creative briefs are crucial. They set the tone for a project and drive thinking for your team. To help your agency, here is a guide and three creative brief templates:


  1. Classic Brief
  2. Classic Brief with intake form
  3. Strategic Creative Brief


The templates are flexible and customizable and can perform a variety of functions that may be unique to your firm. And remember: the most important thing about the creative brief is using it.


creative brief templates