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our people
make us more than the sum of our parts


alon sabi

VP of Technology & Development Services

Alon is obsessed with proving, scientifically, that histwo daughters are the best girls ever.


ashley ringham

Junior UI/UX Designer

Ashley is a creative with a sweet tooth. If she’s not eating candy, watching movies, or playing with her cat Olive, she’s probably out making something pretty. She also loves wrapping presents so give her an excuse to get you a gift! 


brittany coulter

Onboarding Consultant

Brittany likes going to the beach, exploring the mountains surrounding the city and riding her bike. Her dog Berkeley likes those things too, except he prefers riding in the basket. 


broc pacholik

Account Executive  

Broc is looking to be on the first manned flight to Mars. In the meantime he spends his time adjusting to beach life in Kitsilano (Martian soil is like sand, right?) and pretending to be a golfer (so that he'll have something to do when he gets there).



carl bateson

Code Magician  

Carl is great at balancing stuffed elephants on his head. He also grew up in Sherwood Forest, and can almost shoot a bow. (True story)



cheryl chung

UX Designer

Cheryl is a self-proclaimed nerd that loves her sticky notes (don't ask), fantasy novels and board games. Oh, and don't forget the rainbows and unicorns.


chris wilson

President and CEO

Each and every day, Chris strives to make Function Point a unique and rewarding environment by encouraging everyone, including himself, to be "fully present" in their lives. But he'd rather be skiing.


daniel pantic

Customer Success Manager

Daniel believes himself to be an Australian-bred Velociraptor. We're not going to challenge that.


darren ripka

Account Manager

When Darren is not trying to solve the world’s problems, he can usually be found rocking out on stage, or trying to teach his 2-year-old daughter to play the guitar. Yes, she’s 2.


dennis su

Scientifically, there isn't any proof of perfection, but that doesn't stop Dennis from trying to create the perfect smash on court.


emma lauder

Product Analyst

Emma is just your typical flip-flop-wearing, Survivor-watching, Die Hard-re-watching,  rare-and-endangered-animal-loving, crazy bird lady.


gary tong

Software Engineer 

Gary's quote: "I have a pet dog. But Levi does not like me. Refrigerator". (We think it's a code).


isabel angel

Onboarding Consultant 

Isabel can be found at the beach with her border collie, salsa dancing or eating cupcakes. Her super-powers include napping anywhere at anytime and speaking Spanish backwards.


jane ferguson wilson


Jane studied Fine Art at the University of Guelph, which, in her role as Function Point's Controller, lends new meaning to the term "creative accounting". (Insert laugh track here).


jeremy nichvalodoff

Support Lead

When not at work, Jeremy likes to kickbox and relax in front of a movie at home. Wait. Sorry, that's: "kickback and relax". My bad. (Everyone stop calling him 'Jean Claude' now, ok?)


jessica digby

Administration Assistant

Jessica's sunny disposition and friendly smile follow her in all aspects of work and life. Unless she's driving. Then it's game on.


jimmy wu

Account Executive

Jimmy loves his piano and classical music that he stuffed a grand piano into his tiny apartment. Who needs a dining room when music will fill your empty stomach?


john botelho


John's likes include food, water, shelter and other people's pets. Fun fact: John has been to every Whitecaps soccer match, except for the ones he's missed.


joshua coquelle


Turning to software development after a decade long kickboxing career, Joshua can be found walking his dogs, Googling Sloths and proclaiming to be an Alpaca aficionado. He's a man of simple pleasures and enjoys vanilla ice-cream, vanilla Javascript and the colour beige.


kaitlyn edie

Onboarding Consultant

Kaitlyn is the girl you saw singing and dancing in the car next to you at the red light this morning. She lives for car karaoke, where she always sounds exactly like Beyonce... oh, wait, that is Beyonce. 


karin arikushi


2 truths and a lie: Karin goes honey-badger if there's no cheese in the fridge; she knows Japanese jiu jitsu; she's eaten her way through SE Asia, Spain, Italy, and South America. Just kidding, they're all true. Or are they. 


katherine elliott

Inbound Marketing Specialist

In high school Katherine was voted "most likely to Google it". It's how she knows all the things. #Millennial


kevin meakings

Partner - Special Projects

When not creating alphabetically-based riddles or partnering on special Function Point projects, Kevin can be often found running, cycling, golfing or familying.



CDO (Chief Dog Officer)

Guau! Guau, guau! (Levi's Spanish). 


maggie wilson

Junior Marketing Support

/coming soon/


marc wilson

Senior CSM

Marc, a happily transplanted Torontonian, claims to be able to snowboard and play hockey at the same time. (He Shoots, He Shreds?)


marissa ho

Inbound Marketing Specialist 

Marissa possesses both the humour and the fashion sense of a 15-year-old boy while she enjoys the lifestyle of a 65-year-old woman.


marissa hoeppner

Onboarding Consultant

Marissa is a definitive yes-woman (she’s got some major FOMO issues.) A natural-born hugger, she loves the hustle and bustle of the city but enjoys getting out to hike the local trails. Her trigger word: Poutine. You'd best refrain from saying this word around her unless you can deliver.


michal ralek

Software Engineer

When not drowning in the sea of code, Michal likes to kayak alone in the desolate wilderness of the Pacific Ocean’s West Coast.
Ask him, but beware, he will tell you ALL about it.


olivia jarvis

Account Executive

With her outgoing personality, it's really not difficult to become friends with Olivia. Just have a dog/child, or show her pictures of your dog/child, or let her pet your dog/child. Or, be a dog/child. Shoutout to her #1 fan, Brenda (Hi Mom)! 


roger so

Client Experience Manager

When not working on solving world problems, Roger occupies his time tinkering on his motorcycle and cruising around looking for the best places to eat around the city.


ryan creamore

Director of Business Development

Ryan is that guy that did that thing you never saw nor heard of, but let him tell you about it and you'll likely never forget it.


samson chee

Software Engineer

Samson's dream is to work in front of as many monitors as there were in that scene from the Matrix sequel, where that guy was in that room with all those monitors. He also enjoys cycling.


sarah allan

Software Engineer

In her free time, Sarah enjoys reading, writing, making jewelry, knitting, crocheting, penguins and red pandas. In her work time, she enjoys working.


sean harris

Onboarding Consultant

Sean is a travelling, guitar-toting teacher from Niagara Falls, ON who's always looking for his next rock climbing or hiking adventure. His advice: don't go chasing waterfalls.


shayne kasai

Software Engineer

Shayne enjoys every aspect of filmmaking and hopes to write a feature... one day.


sophia wilson

Customer Success Manager

Sophia is usually trying to eat her way around the world. But for now she's eating her way around the food truck scene in Vancouver and treat days at fp.


spencer cox


Spencer enjoys sushi, board games, long walks to the fridge, dogs, and riding his bike. Sometimes, he likes making dad jokes (although he's not a father).


tate lillies

VP of Product

Tate is an avid Vancouver Canucks fan. In fact, he flew to Boston to watch game six of the 2011 Finals. Which they lost. So he's pretty much responsible for the Canucks losing the the Stanley Cup. Nobody in Vancouver likes Tate.


thomas lui

Application Support Specialist

You know your friend who knows a guy who knows a guy? Thomas is that guy.


tom daggett

Software Test Engineer

Being curious and breaking things comes naturally to Tom. Fortunately he's channelling these tendencies to productive use at fp. When not testing, he can be found on one of his several bikes.


trupti patel

Support Analyst

Trupti enjoys gallivanting around European cities and shopping malls during her time off. When not travelling, Trupti is volunteering for a variety of support programs and making a difference.


trevor cowley

Senior Software Engineer

Trevor likes James, cats, home, big screen movies, the West End, comics, beach, candy, tinkering, puzzles, Mario, Zelda, walking, work, math, being happy. And making longs lists.