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from awesome to even-more-awesome

We scale with your business as you grow.

Discover the features and benefits that are right for your business size:

Function Point helps small-sized businesses streamline their operations for better productivity and profitability with tools like:

  • Easy to use timesheets
  • Task management
  • Flexible invoicing

Function Point helps medium-sized businesses manage growth, stay nimble and position themselves for the future, with tools like:

  • QuickBooks® integration
  • Integrated CRM
  • Expense management
  • Templates for easy proposals & invoicing

Function Point helps large-sized businesses manage their business, and improve their productivity and profitability with tools like:

  • Real-time financial reporting
  • Resource management
  • Retainer management
  • Unlimited support & robust online training resources


workflow efficiencies = improved productivity

Conquer Mobile is a specialist in enterprise mobile app development, with deep expertise in iOS and Android, mobile security, Bluetooth LE, cross-platform C++ development and 3D visualization. With Function Point Conquer Mobile now has financial planning tools, with the facility to create reports that show clients’ billing histories, and demonstrate revenue forecasting.

Function Point's in-depth training provides deeper engagement with the software
Parcel Design is an award-winning brand strategy and communication design firm. Over the last seven years, almost every process in the company - from tracking projects to managing workflow - has been improved and simplified by Function Point. 


brand & design firm realizes flexibility, scalability
 and visibility with project tracking software

Chute Gerdeman is an award-winning strategic brand and design firm. Function Point equipped the firm with tools to better measure overall project health, resource utilization, and staff tasks.  

Crew logo
accurate reporting = better project management

CREW is a full-service marketing agency. With Function Point's accurate reporting, the CREW team has had the ability to view the business at a macro level, and gauge client and project profitability as well as overall efficiency.  


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Creative agencies choose Function Point to bring their business to a new level of profitability and productivity. But don't take our word for it. Here is what our clients have to say about Function Point's scalability, features, QuickBooks integration, consultation, and customer service.
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