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A profit-driven system, for your profit-driven agency


From estimating and scheduling, to resource utilization and invoicing, we reduce the mundane work by turning it into a hassle-free process.

 A simple set of agency management tools: 

Keep everyone on the same page by storing all related information about a contact, company or project in one searchable location.

Communication and collaboration with clients is easy with fp.Portal. Receive alerts on important updates and new deadlines, and share job progress, notes, and files with the click of a button to make sure everyone is always on the same page.

Template your estimates so you repeat only the profitable projects, while saving time with speedier and branded proposals.

Use prebuilt or custom schedules to make repeat tasks easier to manage and plan. With Function Point, you can easily assign work to teams or individuals, using built-in timesheets and milestones so you don’t waste time juggling spreadsheets and calendars.

Function Point makes time tracking a non-issue with our iOS app and built-in time clock.

Take control of your margins with a simple invoicing workflow to create interim, deposit or final invoices that include details about time and materials. Our QuickBooks® integration connects your agency’s project and invoicing workflows so there’s no double entry or surprises when it comes to job profitability.

View real-time reports on clients, budgets, projects, and team profitability so you can make more informed decisions when it comes to resource utilization and retaining a profitable client base.

Cloud based project management software solution